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  1. Le Nukor Kuva est une version améliorée du Nukor utilisé par les Liches Kuva. Cette arme a des très grandes chances de statut, un énorme multiplicateur de dégâts critiques mais de faibles chances de coup critique et son flux rebondit pour toucher jusqu'à 4 ennemis proches à la fois. Acquisition [modifier | modifier le wikicode
  2. Kuva Nukor: Improvements to its already great critical multiplier and status chance; beam chains between multiple enemies. These weapons have a max rank of 40 . To obtain the maximum rank, the player must polarize the weapon five times , with each Forma increasing the maximum possible rank by 2 (in a similar manner as the Paracesis )
  3. Kuva Nukor Build 2020 (Guide) - To Crit or Not To Crit (Warframe Gameplay)The Nukor was always a cool beam weapon but the problem with it was how niche it co..
  4. Kuva Nukor. A highly-optimized Nukor that allows for the weapon's microwave field to hit up to four additional targets
  5. Le Nukor est un pistolet de conception Grineer , causant des mutations en irradiant les ennemis, les faisant gonfler jusqu'à leur explosion. Introduit lors de l' Update 14.5 . Pré-requis de Fabrication
  6. Buy and Sell Kuva Nukor Liches on our auction platform | How much do they cost ? -> Min. price: 1 platinum ⬌ Max. price: 1,500 platinum | Number of active auctions: 24
  7. The Nukor is a Grineer sidearm that fires a microwave-like frequency beam that inflicts Radiation damage, boasting an extreme critical multiplier is heavily offset by its almost nonexistent critical chance. This weapon deals Radiation damage. Advantages: Innate Radiation damage effective against..

Kuva Nukor is not mostly used as a status primer It is very effective as a damage dealing weapon. Build for crit and status. The crit may seem small but the multiplier is really high so the random crits are large bursts of damage High AoE Damage that doesn't destroy gpus or kill you with self damage and it's surprisingly ammo efficient. Also you can increase the amount of enemies it c.. Pretty simple question. I've always loved the Nukor, and really want the Kuva variant, but I can't decide which innate Element would work best. I was thinking Magnetic to allow for Corrosive/Radiation/Magnetic combo that can super-effective EVERY enemy in the game that matters, as well as rapidly stripping armor for high-level content. Is there anything that works even better as a catch-all. KUVA NUKOR. Viral+Radiation+Magnetic+Electric status hose. by Ugly_Poro — last updated 3 months ago (Patch 29.3) 13 5 5,110. A highly-optimized Nukor that allows for the weapon's microwave field to hit up to four additional targets. Copy. 1 VOTE. 1 COMMENT. ITEM RANK. 40. 25 / 80. OROKIN REACTOR. APPLY CONDITIONALS . KUVA ELEMENT. ACCURACY 100.0. CRITICAL CHANCE 7%. CRITICAL MULTIPLIER 5. Nukor Kuva by -SW-Kurayami, last updated on Nov 15, 2020. 1 Forma | 219 Platinum | 104790 Endo - Modelo de Build usado para: Maior chance de Status; Dano de Viral com Calor (usado por conta de aumentar o dano conforme dar um proc e tirar armadura); Vantagens: Chance de Status muito alta; Multiplicador Crítico muito alto; Pode atingir inimigos ao redor do alvo principal; Desvantagem: Necessári

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The Kuva Tonkor is obtained by vanquishing a Kuva Lich who generated with one equipped. After the Lich is vanquished it will be in the player's Foundry ready to claim. While the weapon itself is not tradeable, a converted Kuva Lich generated with the weapon can be traded to another player Kuva Nukor: Condition Overload Primer by -NICHE-, last updated on Dec 22, 2020. 5 Forma | 72 Platinum | 5180 Endo - Build by -NICHE- . If you like this build, give it a ⭐ to help out! Notes Ever since the Deadlock Protocol, Multishot has increased procs on beam weapons. The General Use and External Additive Crit setups perform marginally better with +60% Heat, but the difference is not. KUVA NUKOR builds. Builds by LupoldNS. General Purpose Enemy Remover (Magnetic Lich) I like this with a Magnetic Kuva Lich. This build allows you to simultaneously proc Viral for +325% damage against health, Heat to shred 50% armor, Radiation from the innate damage type to deal with Ancient auras, and a Kuva Lich damage type of Magnetic lets you proc up to +325% damage against shields in case.

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Nukor Kuva. Chakkhurr Kuva. Quartakk Kuva. Ayanga Kuva. Question 5. Ballas est : Un Sentient. Un Tenno. Un Orokin. Question 6. Le Paracesis est disponible au palier de maîtrise : 10. 11. 12. Question 7. Le Paracesis est : Une épée. Une dague. Une lame lourde. Question 8. Pour obtenir l'élément magnétique, il faut : Radiation + Glace. Glace + Électrique . Glace + Gaz. Question 9. Pour o The weapon works similar to its predecessor, the Nukor. Except the Kuva Nukor will chain to the closest enemy within 9 meters and chain up to 4 times, even though every chained enemy after the first receives reduced damage it still, Nukes. This weapon is primarily a crowd dependent weapon and excels in groups of enemies. Single target enemies, such as bosses, aren't recommended, but can still work The Kuva Nukor has a limited range, and staying out of that will force the lich to try to get to you, or to use its powers instead. The lich's Kuva Nukor will be giving you radiation Adaptation stacks, but the toxin damage will still be doing full damage to you. You might be able to resist some of that damage with a mod This guide shows a recommended build for the Kuva Nukor, along with recommendations for mods and arcanes that go with the weapon... Won't call it a waste kuva nukor is top 5 strongest secondary atm. Might change the element from cold to toxin/heat. I know how bad the grind can get for that 5 forma rank 40 and getting elemental damage upto 60%. level 1. Score hidden · 1 hour ago. Just put some Formas on it. If you want a better Nukor in the future, you can transfer the newly obtained one into your existing one and not lose.

Your Kuva Kohm with 25% Toxin can be fed into your 40% Magnetic Kuva Kohm, to make it a 44% Toxin Kuva Kohm. Your Kuva Nukor with 40% Electric can be fed into your 25% Impact Kuva Nukor, to make it a 44% Electric Kuva Nukor Your Kuva Ayanga with 25% Radiation can be fed into your 44% Cold Kuva Ayanga, to make it a 48.4% Radiation Kuva Ayang I doubt the Kuva Nukor itself would be nerfed, more likely AoE across the board (fingers crossed). The Kuva Kohm is a mostly single target auto shotgun that doesn't fall flat against hordes, one of the best weapons in the game without feeling like DE misplaced a decimal point. Kuva Quartakk and Kuva Hind are strong single target assault rifles, and the Kuva Shildeg is a very strong melee Kuva nukor larvas are on the brink of extinction because every Tenno is hunting them..meanwhile Bramma Liches are getting all the salt: either they wipe out squads whilst alive or get Vanquished and then the Tenno kills themselves a bunch trying to use the Bramma themselve All the kuva weapons have an equal drop chance, and since there are 16 in total, the chance for one is 100/16 = 6.25%. That doesn't mean you'll get one 6.25% of the time. Your probability of not getting one in 60 runs is 2% ((1-0.0625)^60).

What elements for Kuva Nukor Build I'm not sure what element to use, do I use heat, toxin, magnetic. those are the three elements I see a lot of people using but I'm not sure which one's the best, on YouTube there's so many different videos saying this one or that one and then I asked my clab and each one of them says a different one so 1 Kuva Nukor. After players started obtaining the Kuva Nukor from Kuva Liches, it became clear which weapon was going to dominate the meta until further notice. The Kuva Nukor is a potent mix of the Atomos and the Synapse. This weapon chains its damage between targets whenever it makes contact with an enemy, a mechanic that automatically makes it one of the strongest guns in the game. What. You already know about the Bramma, but the Nukor used to be the OP kuva weapon everyone was talking about (I guess with the Bramma out, it's not OP enough in comparison to talk about) I liked the Quartakk a lot. It seems to proc status and crit very easily, and the different modes depending on whether you aim or not comes in handy. The Kuva Hind is basically a Tiberon Prime knockoff, which is. You should change the Riven preview to the KUVA NUKOR and not the NUKOR as they have different dispositions. Personally I always try to combine Arcane Avenger with the Kuva Nukor and the extra Crit Chance is not really worth it to me. level 2. Original Poster 3 points · 5 months ago. I didn't even know that I could do that. I accepted the CC+CD roll and now see that the CC dropped from 152.9.

1 Kuva Nukor. Easily the strongest secondary in Warframe currently is the Kuva Nukor, a beam weapon that chains between targets when it makes contact with a foe. An insane 50% status chance makes the beam cause status effects every damage tick if modded properly. The true power of the Kuva Nukor comes from giving it additive critical chance. A whopping 5x critical damage multiplier is just. While the basic Nukor went unnoticed by many players as a gimmick weapon, the Kuva Nukor is one of the top weapons in the game. Not only does it massively improve on the stats of the regular gun, it comes with additional effects. The Kuva Nukor, much like the Atomos, chains between nearby enemies as long as you focus the beam on one

The Kuva Lich is a personalized high level mini-boss that only you can defeat. It drops rare ephemeras, powerful Kuva variant weapons or can be used to support you in random missions. A Kuva Lich can only be found in Grineer missions after you completed the War Within quest The Kuva Nukor has a damage chain mechanic similar to other beam weapons but this one chains to four extra targets and the damage is significant. The Critical Chance has also been raised on the Kuva Nukor but only to seven percent. It does matter but not as much as you might thing in Kuva武器 on Warframe. Actions. DeL Ppoi renamed KUVA NUKOR 60 38 (from KUVA NUKOR 60 Buy and Sell Nukor Riven mods on our auction platform | How much do they cost ? -> Min. price: 1 platinum ⬌ Max. price: 15,000 platinum | Number of active auctions: 33

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  1. Modifications des armes de Kuva sur Warframe Trois nouvelles armes font leur arrivée en jeu à savoir : le Hind de Kuva, le Nukor de Kuva et le Bramma de Kuva (nouvelle arme introduite avec la mise à jour)
  2. Kuva Nukor - Un Nukor hautement optimisé qui permet au champ de micro-ondes de l'arme d'atteindre jusqu'à quatre cibles supplémentaires. Kuva Bramma - Cet arc Grineer offre la vengeance sous la forme de flèches à pointe de bombe en grappe qui peuvent exploser en l'air ou à l'impact. Article précédent Google et Amazon sont la véritable concurrence de Microsoft, déclare Phil.
  3. #warframe #Empyrean #Nukor First impression of the kuva nukor had me regretting getting it, but after alittle playing around, adjusting of builds i suddenly realized why you will see alot of people using this weapons. The way it arcs between enemys makes it great, visually its even better the way it makes them inflate. Throw the catchmoon in the bin, kuva nukor is here
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  5. g Kuva and how you can do so both efficiently and easily

Kuva Lich with Kuva Nukor The Percentages. When you create your Lich though, you also get a random percentage assigned to your weapon. This is the percentage of bonus elemental damage your weapon gets. The bonus maxes out at 60%, but most weapons will be anywhere from 25 to 40%. A higher bonus generally means a bit more damage. And as we all know, the more damage, the better. But luckily you. Secondary: Kuva Brakk, Kuva Kraken, Kuva Nukor, Kuva Seer, Kuva Twin Stubbas; Melee: Kuva Shildeg; Archgun: Kuva Ayana, It does make a difference on the off chance that you got your Kuva Lich by an exchange or by vanquishing a Kuva Larvling. When you have one a Kuva Lich symbol will be accessible in your route menu. Your lich will likewise begin to toss irritating lines of chat at you. You can.

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  1. Title Map Format Views Date; dedserver #1 (Competi: RED vs BLU: cp_gullywash_final1: 6v6: 68: 29-Jul-2020 09:55:27: dedserver #2 (Competi: RED vs BLU: koth_clearcut_b15
  2. #warframe #oldblood Kuva Nukor | Warframe Kuva Nukor | Warframe Kuva Nukor | Warframe old blood,warframe kuva,kuva weapon..
  3. The leading Warframe trading platform for tenno, where you can buy and sell vaulted & unvaulted items along with Waframe sets, Parts, Weapons, Mods, Relics, Blueprints, Captura scenes, Rivens and Kuva liches
  4. Le bonus feu sur le Kuva Nukor est très intéressant, c'est même le meilleur bonus qu'on puisse avoir sur cette arme, faut pas oublier que le proc feu avec le rework d'ember fait des DOT et fait..
  5. Fixed the Kuva Nukor, Kuva Hind, and Kuva Bramma weapon progression showing as complete in the Codex when at Rank 30 instead of it's true completed Rank of 40. Optimized the Kuva Nukor's FX. Full Patch Notes View all patch logs Project Open Source.

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  1. Pire encore, J'ai monté une arme kuva 40 sans y mettre de catalyseur : aucun modding digne de ce nom ne rentre dessus . Y'a quand même de bonnes armes dans le lot ( Nukor Kuva en tête de liste.
  2. Secndary Weapons: Kuva Kraken, Kuva Nukor, Kuva Seer, Kuva Brakk, Kuva Twin Stubbas; Archgun weapons: Kuva Avanga; Melee Weapons: Kuva Shildeg; Endnote. Make sure you acquire all eight available Requiem mods and equip three of them on your Parazon in the correct sequence. You can farm these mods or obtain them by trading with another Tenno. If you try to take down the Kuva Lich with your.
  3. -Nukor Kuva-Stubbas Jumeaux Kuva-Kraken Kuva. Bref, QUE des armes secondaires si pas toutes les armes secondaires..d'affilée. Est-ce que c'est quelque chose dans mon équipement qui provoque ça.
  4. Kuva Nukor will be nerfed. Place your bets on how long till it happens. about 1 year ago - [DE]Marcus - Direct link 1 hour ago, warmastercain said: Uh yeah just 1 thing bramma can't use cautious shot and instead of 1/3rd of its damage as self damage its 100% of its damage so you really end up getting hit for 50+k damage right back to you not good for arbitration ← More from Warframe Recent.

Kuva Nukor - Un Nukor hautement optimisé qui permet au champ de micro-ondes de l'arme d'atteindre jusqu'à quatre cibles supplémentaires. Kuva Bramma - Cet arc Grineer offre la vengeance sous la forme de flèches à pointe de bombe en grappe qui peuvent exploser en l'air ou à l'impact. Article précédent Door Kickers 2 va bientôt percer Steam Early Access. Article suivant La franchise. En fait c'est en utilisant le pouvoir 1 de Revenant qui fait que la Lich s'échappe - page 2 - Topic Les Kuva Lich du 21-11-2019 10:03:38 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.co

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Selon tes goûts ou l'élément que tu veux faire en rajoutant des mods De toute façon tu peux changer le type de dégats d'une arme kuva avec la fusion de vaillance si tu changes d'avis Warframe best element for kuva bramm warframe kuva weapons. warframe kuva weapons. Posted by : Non class.

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Magnetic turns kuva nukor into a rainbow laser that mega Fritz against almost every conceivable enemy type while completely deleting any and all forms of damage mitigation or ehp boosts. these are MY choices. More Reviews ›› Visit Site Which element should i go for on my Kuva nukor? : Warframe. Good www.reddit.com. Cold makes Viral more dominant, however you'll have your 10 Viral stacks. The Kuva Nukor has a still not-great 7% critical chance, but also has a 5x critical multiplier, which can go up to 10.5x before Rivens. But wait, there's more— while the base Nukor can only damage one enemy at a time, the Kuva Nukor sends out additional beams on contact with an enemy, chaining together up to four enemies with hilarious results

[PS4] [wts] kuva nukor lich 57% electric bonus with charge ephemera, dm offers ty! Posted: 28 Jul 2020 04:42 AM PDT submitted by /u/blackbeast_supr1 [link] [comments [PC][WTS][LICH][KUVA NUKOR] 40% Magnetic Nukor with Vengeful Pull Ephemera, price is 160p [PC] [Riven] [Price Check] All right y'all what do I have here, what would you say its worth? [PS4] [Riven] [Q] Riven Trade Bamboozle [XB1][WTB] Lich with Kuva Nukor heat 60% [Q][PC][RIVEN][Price Check] [PC][WTS][LICH][KUVA NUKOR] 40% Magnetic Nukor with Vengeful Pull Ephemera, price is 160p. Posted: 10.

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Kuva Nukor - Un Nukor hautement optimisé qui permet au champ de micro-ondes de l'arme d'atteindre jusqu'à quatre cibles supplémentaires.Kuva Bramma - Cet arc Grineer offre la vengeance sous la forme de flèches à pointe de bombe en grappe qui peuvent exploser en l'air ou à l'impact We're sorry but jump-plus doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue Name; ammo: 210; name: 쿠바 뉴코어; slot: 0; tags: Array ( [0] => Grineer [1] => Kuva Lich ) type: Pistol; noise: 위험함; damage: 21.0 radiation; trigge

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Warframe - The Meat Shredder / Kuva Kohm; Warframe - Kuva Nukor Build (The Crowd Killer) Warframe - The Invincible Rhino Prime (Build) Written by: Woonatic . Warframe; Previous. Deuterium Wars - Defense and Incoming Damage Reduction. Next. SURV1V3 - Santa Carla Map (Survival Mode) Be the first to comment . Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Comment. Kuva Nukor vs lvl 175 EXO Heavies - popular memes on the site ifunny.c Kuva Nukor - The normal Nukor is one of my most used pistol in the game, just because it's really fun to use. The Kuva variant is the more powerful one. Pyrana Prime - A High slash pistol that can deal a lot of damage. On top of that, if you get three kills in quick succession, second ethereal Pyrana appears for a short time. Pandero - One of the best CC + CD pistol in the game. 100%. Kuva Nukor - A highly-optimized Nukor that allows for the weapon's microwave field to hit up to four additional targets. Kuva Bramma. KUVA NUKOR (variant) A highly-optimized Nukor that allows for the weapon's microwave field to hit up to four additional targets. KUVA BRAMMA (new) This Grineer bow delivers vengeance in the form of cluster bomb-tipped arrows that can be detonated mid-air or on impact. Converted Kuva Lich Changes . Converted Liches have been criticized for their lack of endurance and firepower. They don't.

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Nukor with Radiation + Blast Damage Understanding Enemy Weakness. Now all the knowledge we've gained from the above information can be combined to form the right build for each faction. Let's find out what is the best damage type for each faction. Grineer - Grineer enemies generally have huge armor. A corrosive build is what you should be running for all grineer tileset missions. Corpus. Kuva Liches have a chance to spawn with 7 new vengeful ephemeras (% chance not yet known) When it spawns with it, the Lich menu will show the effect but no actual text saying that it has a ephemera. To get it, simply kill / vanquish the Lich, and then it should be in your attachments. The different ephemeras are based on the weapon elemental bonus that the Lich has: Element: Ephemera: Impact. Try Magnetic Kuva Nukor. Built it for Viral+Heat (2 60/60 and Primed Heat) and weapon has radiation on it's own so I call that build ♥♥♥♥ everyone and every single one of them in particular. Primes tons of procs nearly instantly and cheeses all the enemies that can be effected by status knightmar3frame went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Warframe VOD now

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Avertissement. Digital Extremes Ltd, Warframe and the logo Warframe are registered trademarks. All rights are reserved worldwide. This site has no official link with. Les Armes Kuva - Warframe [FR] Un tour des Armes kuva mais un point aussi sur les bonus des armes, une paire de conseils et de choses à retenir I'm mostly talking with regard to building the kuva nukor with the sole purpose being as a primer for CO, which doesn't really bring out the best Kuva Nukor has to offer. Find Sellers of Nukor, and get in touch with them easily! Kuva Nukor Build 2020 (Guide) - To Crit or Not To Crit (Warframe Gameplay). LeyzarGamingViews 127.289 views5 months ago Best kuva weapons 2020 Best kuva weapons 202

Steam Community :: Guide :: Kuva Liches; A full guideWarframe Kuva Nukor Complete Build Guide Status and Crit

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Kuva Nukor Build 2020 (Guide) - To Crit or Not To Crit (Warframe Gameplay) Warframe Power of the Kuva nukor WTF. Nukor with Godly Riven + Quick Builds and Guides | Warframe 2021. BEST Kuva Nukor Elements For Endgame and How To Decide l Warframe Deadlock Protocol. WARFRAME 2021 TIER LIST -- FROM BEST TO WORSE! What's the BEST way to get credits? | Credit farming guide | Warframe. I broke. Each mode shifts the Hind's stats in some fashion. 13 This weapon deals primarily Puncture damage. Utility Hammer The weapon's high mod capacity allows equipping the Weapon Umbral mods. Warframe > General Discussion > Topic Details. Slam Radius Grineer, naturally. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Kuva shideg is a one-handed military melee weapon that is wielded by Kuva Liches.

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Empire Pictures - FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50! Warframe best element for kuva bramm Disposition Slam Attacks Kuva Shildeg) sticking to your hand no matter what you're doing. Please DE, let us throw it. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Attack Speed While the weapon itself is not tradeable, a converted Kuva Lich generated with the weapon can be traded to another player. Kancelaria Adwokacka. 5 s Slam Radius You can obtain one by vanquishing a kuva Lich. Despite the. kuva shildeg overfram

[ps4][wts][riven] Nukor SC FR MS Recoil - PMO : wartradeWarframe | Hind kuva Build 2020 | 3x1 mejor que la tiberonWarframe: Cambiamenti Kuva Lich, Collezione Ivara SkathiSteam Community :: Guide :: Kuva Lich Requiem Mod Combinations
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